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Gilbert Martin II - An author. An entrepreneur. A Guardian of the Earth.
Gilbert Martin II
Gilbert Martin II is an actual person and not a pseudonym, the name is not a surname and the surname is not the name. Gilbert is involved in many spheres such as authored and published works, humanitarian outreaches, business entrepreneurship, yet mostly Gilbert Martin II represents a significant upbringing in a wonderful family, surrounded by wonderful friends.

Gilbert Martin II is a private, secretive individual, whom is rarely seen in public. He lives by one strict rule in life, to treat others as he wants to be treated. He is a proud servant of Jesus Christ and prefers not to be associated with organized religion, his lifestyle choices are his own and he is open about it when asked.

As an author Gilbert Martin has written articles and editorials in various publications. His two book series focusses primarily on the condition of the human heart. 'The Ten Scrolls', enveloped around high fantasy and 'Fathers Secrets', a self-help series on lessons he has learnt in life both surround the core desire of his heart, that we all can understand each other better, treat ourselves better and hold the world around us in higher regard than we currently do.

Gilbert Martin II founded The Guardians of the Earth, which is a global charity foundation aimed at saving the environment and animal life from further harm and generally being there when no one else will be there for those vulnerable people who need our help daily.

On an entrepreneurial front, Gilbert Martin II is the developer of many online systems geared at making differences in the lives of individuals on the spheres he is knowledgeable in. These online ventures are the core part of his dreams to use his talents for the benefit of God and humanity.

Concept driven and an annoying secretive perfectionist, Gilbert also has various hobbies that keep him busy, such as rock hounding, bonsais, coin collecting, animals, astronomy and gardening.

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